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Install hot water heater
Date:  February 3, 2016

Permit type: Mechanical | Permit status: Finaled | Permit id: Mech16-0298
2016/02/03095441 S Ashley St Ann Arbor Mi 48103
Dog license
Date:  January 29, 2016

Permit status: Issued | Expiration date: June 30, 2016 | Permit id: Dog16-0059
2016/01/29095441 S Ashley St Ann Arbor Mi 48103
(12 22 2016 11:47 am ad) a proposed design for a 4-story residential condominium project on a 18,590-square foot site at the northeast corner of s. Ashley and w. Jefferson, calling for a stone veneer base, brick veneer body with large, richy colored accent bays, a recessed penthouse level and standing seam metal roof. It is an infill development with an irregular footprint to accommodate the railroad tracks and floodplain that cross the southwest corner of the site. The design is influenced by its locatoin, lot size and enroachments, as well as the neighboring built environment and is most heavily inspired by recently completed residential development such as the mark. Zoning: d2 base, first street overlay. Ward 5.
Date:  December 21, 2016

Permit type: Design review | Permit status: Comments issued | Permit id: Dr16-018
2016/12/21095441 S Ashley St Ann Arbor Mi 48103
(3 29 2017 10:48 am cc) the gallery is a proposed site plan for city council approval, with planned project modifications requested to exceed the maximum required front setback on s ashley by 11. 77 feet and to allow a four story streetwall height. The proposed project, located at 441 s ashley & 112, 116 and 118 w jefferson comprise a lot area of 17,449 square feet. The proposed development will be a 23 unit residential development in one 34,8 square foot building. The site is zoned d2.
Date:  March 25, 2017

Permit type: Site plan | Permit status: Approved | Expiration date: September 18, 2020 | Permit id: Sp17-011
2017/03/25095441 S Ashley St Ann Arbor Mi 48103
Date:  September 25, 2017

Permit status: Under review | Permit id: Doc17-007
2017/09/25095441 S Ashley St Ann Arbor Mi 48103

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